Speaking – Topics

One of the most popular questions about the IELTS test is “What are the topics for IELTS Speaking exam?”. The reason why this question is so prevalent is because there is no answer. There are some questions which are used more than others, but that is only statistics, and of course, what might be popular last month, may no longer be on the top of the list.

It is important to have a broad range of English and vocabulary as you will never know what the topic will be.

Speaking – Part 1:

Part 1 is like a personal interview and will last about 4-5 minutes. You will in introduce yourself and talk about topics which relate to your life. As this is generally referred to as “small talk” the question often relate to work, study, hometown, or home, but can also be about anything else. As it like introducing yourself the kinds of questions you might exchange are like with someone you just met.

Speaking – Part 2:

Part 2 is sometimes referred to as the “long turn.” You will be given a topic card and usually asked to describe a time when something happened or something you like. The topic card will have a question as well as some sub-points you must cover.

The topic may be about any common subject. It is unlikely to have a topic about something that requires specific knowledge like physics, Aztec architecture, or Superman’s family heritage. Although there are subjects which website will report as being popular it does not mean these will be the only topics which may be introduced. Topics most commonly reported by students and on websites include:

  • Travel & Holidays
  • Friends
  • Technology
  • Sport
  • Food
  • Education
  • Weather
  • Environment
  • Music
  • Books & Films
  • Health
  • Preferences

Speaking – Part 3:

The final part will be a conversation with the examiner. This is often (but not always) on the same, or similar topic you spoke about in Part 2. This will be a discussion or conversation. However, the questions will be more complicated the Part 2 as it will require opinions or some analysis

The biggest thing to remember the topics can be about anything and may not relate to the section prior, so don’t concentrate your study on only those subjects offered on any website. Create for yourself a well-rounded vocabulary and general knowledge.

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