Listening – Topics

In the Listening section of the test, there are no common topics, however, there is a common format. Sections 1 and 2 are general in content, generally, things you would expect to hear in an English speaking country. Section 3 and 4 follow more of an education/academic line.

In Section 1 of the Listening test, it is very likely that it will be a conversation between 2 people in situations that could occur to anyone living in an English-speaking country. This could be a phone conversation with someone making a reservation at a restaurant, a patient calling a health care centre, booking a hotel or a couple making social arrangements for a night out. Just because Section 1 is the easiest, that doesn’t mean that you can relax!

In Section 2 of the Listening test, it is very likely a monologue of one person, this could be a speech, a tour guide or an announcement. Some people find it difficult to listen to one person talking the whole time, as there is no change or confirmation from another person. This part calls for concentration and the ability to listen to one person with a different accent.

In Section 3 of the Listening test, is very likely a party of more than one person. Although they are referred to as academic subjects, they non-personal and generally less familiar. In this section, you need to be able to keep track of multiple speakers, probably in a subject you may be unfamiliar with. You may need to keep up with who is talking, their names, their gender, and various other things all at the same time.

In Section 4 of the Listening test, is very likely a speech talking about an academic topic. It is often the most difficult of all the 4 sections. First, don’t panic if you don’t understand everything. Focus on keywords and the synonyms of those keywords, and follow along as the person talks.

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