I am / I’m + (verb) or (adjective)

I’m is a contraction of I am and can be used interchangeably in all situations. However, a contraction is always considered less formal. When “I am” is followed by a verb, it is usually in the -ing form of the verb.

  • I am texting to my friend
  • I am eating lunch
  • I am waiting for a bus
  • I am learning English
  • I’m cooking dinner
  • I’m looking for my book
  • I’m driving the car

When “I am” is followed by an adjective it can be in any form, but the form may change the meaning of the sentence.

  • I am sad
  • I am bored
  • I am satisfied with the book
  • I am cold
  • I am freezing
  • I’m interested in the job
  • I’m scared of spiders
  • I am fearful of snakes
  • I am annoyed

An adjective with a –ing ending is used to describe the characteristic of a person, situation or thing, whilst the adjective with a –ed ending usually describes a feeling or an emotion. Since only people animals have feelings, -ed adjectives cannot be used to describe an object or situation    

  • I am boring
  • I’m interesting
  • I am annoying
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