I am / I’m good at ….

I’m is a contraction of I am and can be used interchangeably in all situations. However, a contraction is always considered less formal.  I am good at … tells people that you excel at something or are comfortable with doing something.

  • I am good at teaching
  • I am good at driving a car
  • I am good at English
  • I’m good at playing World of Warcraft

Of course, we can also use other pronouns or nouns with the correct form of the “To be” verb form.

  • He is good at eating
  • He’s good at making films
  • She is good at sports
  • They are good at doing essays
  • John is good at buying on eBay
  • The team is good at playing basketball
  • The actors are good at remembering their lines
  • You’re good at listening
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